Mobile Charging Solutions for Sports Venues: A Quick Guide

It seems like everyone has a cell phone. It is the way we stay connected to work, family, friends, and the world. When we see the red line on our phones indicating that our battery needs charging and we are nowhere near a plug, it can cause serious distress and anxiety. For better or worse, our phones have become necessities for everyday living.

For sporting events, we like to have our cell phones at the ready to take pictures, videos, post, or call someone up to let them know what is going on. When that red light comes on at a big sports event, then the panic really starts to happen. There is the rush to find an extra plug somewhere so you can get a few extra bars, but then you must stand by the plug or risk losing your device. Then your portable device doesn’t seem so portable anymore.

There is a solution for this problem, the mobile charging station.

What is a mobile charging station?

There are a couple of different types of mobile charging stations;

  • One is a mobile charging kiosk where you need to rent a charging space for your phone and then leave it there to get charged. This can be inconvenient if you are at an important sports event, and you need to be able to connect on social media constantly throughout the day.
  • The second is a portable phone charger station that you can rent for the day that will keep your phone charged while you walk around and take picture, videos, and post on social media.

The second type of charger is much more convenient when you need to always have your phone with you. Who wouldn’t want to have that option instead of losing your phone to a charging station kiosk for an hour or two?

What can portable charging solutions offer?


These mobile charging units don’t need to sit in a drawer at a cell phone charger kiosk while you walk around looking at all this cool stuff you can’t share with anyone or take pictures of. You will have your phone ready to go when and where you always need it for a small rental charge.

Universal plug-ins

Each charging unit comes with micro-USB, lightning, and type-C connections so you never have to worry that the charging unit won’t be compatible with your device.

No app

When you have these kinds of services, there is often an app that needs to be downloaded to your phone before you can use it. There are no apps for download so you won’t be wasting any data or time.

Return to any station

You can return the charger to any cell phone charging station when you are done, it does not need to be the one you rented it from.

With these convenient features, the portable charging units are what anyone should choose over the traditional mobile charging kiosk for businesses.

Reasons to have portable charging stations at your event

Attendees can stay engaged

When you attend a trade show, a concert, or a sporting event the last thing you want to be doing is spending time looking for a way to charge your phone. With these charging stations, you can rent one before all the excitement begins and feel good knowing you will have your phone at the ready when you want to take the perfect picture, or for a selfie with your favorite celebrity.

Attendees can stay connected

Especially at a sporting event or large venue like a concert, you want to be able to have your phone on you if part of your party goes one way and the rest go another. If you are at the event with kids who also have cell phones, you will want to be available all the time.

Attendees can have peace of mind

Have a fully charged phone when you need it and don’t worry about missing that great video or perfect shot. When you are keeping your followers up to date on your comings and goings, always be able to send that quick tweet or video when you want to.

When you are organizing a large event where you want 100% engagement with your attendees, make sure you have portable charging stations at the ready. These devices are more convenient than a mobile charging kiosk for venues and your attendees can rent the unit and walk around, never losing any time with standing at a phone charging station kiosk.