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The chargeFUZE Advantage

Enhance Guest Experience
Boost guest satisfaction by offering a solution that keeps them powered up, connected and engaged
Increase Safety and Security
Provide peace of mind secure by keeping guests and their belonging safe and allowing them to enjoy your venue worry-free
Maximize Revenue
Leverage the power of the chargeFUZE app to attract new customers and unlock new revenue streams through advertising opportunities
Extend Dwell Time
Keep guests longer with accessible, quick charging solutions, directly contributing to more time in-venue
Boost Mobility and Spend
Allow guests to move freely with untethered charging, resulting in more time and money spent enjoying what you have to offer
Unparalleled End-to-End Solution
Experience seamless integration featuring in-house manufacturing, cutting-edge technology and 24/7 customer support
See Why chargeFUZE is the Nation’s #1 Choice
Our industry-leading IoT hardware and software is designed to enrich user experiences with convenient solutions for modern lifestyles. Book a demo to learn more about how the largest companies around the world and using chargeFUZE to boost their potential.

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