How Mobile Charging Solutions Increase Guest Experience

Mobile charging stations are rentable charging kiosks businesses can implement for customers to charge their phones. Mobile charging kiosks are a newer technology, and their convenience can both improve the guest experience and benefit the business.

How do They Keep Increase the Guest Experience?

Everyone is reliant on their phones, and helping guests can increase their experience within the organization by keeping them connected to their devices and alleviating their anxiety.

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Keep Guests Connected

Mobile charging stations can help keep guests connected. Many people have things going on in their personal life, and sometimes they need to remain connected to friends or family. Having a low battery can disrupt this connection and diminish the amount of time spent within the business. This is why businesses need mobile charging stations; not only do they keep the customer in the establishment, but they keep their customer connected.

Alleviate Anxiety

Guests use their phones for everything. They take pictures, message their family and friends, and check social media. When you look at customers waiting in a line, half of them will be looking down at their phones. Not only does this keep them connected to the world, but it also depletes their battery power.

The likelihood of finding an outlet to charge a phone while out in public is small, and this can create battery anxiety, also known as nomophobia. This is the fear of losing connectivity from their mobile phone. By providing a charging kiosk for guests, businesses can help alleviate this anxiety and provide them with a charger.


Mobile charging stations not only improve the guest experience but also provide benefits to the organization.

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Longer Dwell Time

Dwell time refers to the amount of time a customer spends within an establishment, like a store or restaurant. When customers go into a business, they generally have an idea of how long they intend to stay and how much they want to spend. However, when a customer sees that their phone is dying, the likelihood of them remaining longer Within the business and spending more money is diminished. In fact, with a dying battery, some customers might not enter your business to begin with. And if they're leaving to go charge their phone, they are not likely to come back.

This is how mobile charging stations can benefit a business. For a business, longer dwell time can mean an increase in revenue. While customers wait for their phones to charge, they are likely to move around the business, which can result in them purchasing things they may not have otherwise bought. This benefits both the business and the customer; the business receives more revenue, and the customer has the ability to charge their phone.

Return Customers

Having a mobile charging station within your organization can also increase customer loyalty. Once a customer has charged their phone within your business, they know they can always go back to charge their device. This actually increases the likelihood of them returning, especially if your business offers loyalty rewards for customers that use the charging kiosks; it provides an incentive for them to return.

Also, if you include a sign on the window or door of your business that advertises the presence of a charging kiosk, it is likely to bring in customers who may not have otherwise purchased from your business.


The presence of a charging kiosk can also create advertising opportunities for the business. Not only can the cell phone charger kiosk itself be branded, but the devices can be used to promote products and services to customers as they wait for their phones to charge. This can also increase sales for the business, as these customers are a captive audience. Because these customers are waiting for their devices to charge in the phone kiosk, they are more engaged with the information on and around the kiosk. 

If your business is having a sale that you want customers to know about, this is something that can be promoted on the rentable mobile charging kiosk. If your business is one that is sponsoring a team, you can also include that information.

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Phone charging kiosks not only benefit the guests, but they can benefit employees within the business as well. Just like guests, employees need to have their phones charged, and having these mobile charging kiosks can help with this. There are different brands available to choose from, so when making a choice, do your research; look at the reviews for the company and see if it works for you.