How Mobile Charging Solutions Help Stadiums

Providing the ultimate fan experience is one of the main goals of a sports stadium. Happy fans mean more ticket sales in the long run, as well as more money spent on concessions and merchandise. But when battery lives begin to dwindle, how can sports stadiums evolve to keep their fans coming back for more? The answer is mobile charging stations.

Mobile Charging Stations

Mobile charging stations are kiosks where individuals can place and leave their phones to charge. There are also options where the kiosks provide portable charging units that can be carried around.

As people grow more dependent on their cell phones, businesses are catching on, and the presence of mobile charging kiosks is growing. They have benefits for both businesses and consumers, and there are also phone charging options for stadiums. Because of the many benefits, stadiums can benefit from investing in this new technology.

How Mobile Charging Stations Help Stadiums

Mobile charging kiosks for stadiums can help by not only keeping guests happy but improving the stadium’s sales.

Alleviate Battery Anxiety

Battery anxiety, also known as nomophobia, can happen to anyone; it is the fear of losing connectivity due to a dying battery. Not only does this change the mood of the guest at the stadium, but it can also ruin their entire experience.

By having mobile charging stations, stadiums can help alleviate this battery anxiety. There are different kinds of kiosks to have; some require the customer to leave the phone at the kiosk, and others provide portable charging units that the guest can carry with them for convenience. Both options greatly benefit the user and improve their mood and experience for the rest of the event.

Boost Fan Experience

When at the stadium, what are fans most likely to do? That’s right, take out their phones and message friends, snap photos, record videos, and post on social media. And that’s what the stadium wants, right? Posting to social media promotes the stadium and the event through Word of Mouth, and when the guest has a great experience, others are likely to want to join in. This can boost the business of the stadium.

What happens when the fan’s phone is dying? If they’re at the stadium for a big game, chances are they are staying at a hotel and need to take pick-up service to their room. This means that they’re not going to be snapping photos and videos of the key moments in the games; they’re going to be conserving what battery life they have left to reserve a ride. By providing the opportunity for guests to charge their mobile devices, not only does the stadium ensure their fans get to their destinations safely, but they also keep them connected to their friends and the game, which can boost their experience overall.

Increase Revenue

Having these charging kiosks available at a stadium not only benefits the guest experience but also provides the stadium with an opportunity to increase its revenue. Charging kiosks for businesses have had great positive impacts on their sales, and they can provide the same benefit to stadiums.

  • Advertising Revenue: Stadiums with cell phone charging lockers can have the lockers custom designed to advertise upcoming games and merchandise and can also provide the option to purchase tickets at that moment. Additionally, the stadiums can have charging stations in their suites and sky boxes. Those are two areas that bring in a lot of income to the stadium, and they can increase that income further by advertising their sponsors through branded charging stations within those two areas.
  • Food Sales: At stadiums, between innings and during halftime, fans go to the concession stands and shops to browse and purchase food. This is a key area to have mobile charging stations; it gives them the chance to charge their phones, but it also increases the amount of time they are going to linger in the area. This improves their chances of purchasing more merchandise or food items, which can increase food and merchandise sales for stadiums. As an added bonus, if the kiosks are in view of the game, guests may just remain in the concession area.

Rentable mobile charging kiosks have a multitude of benefits for the stadium; not only do these kiosks satisfy their fans, but they can also increase revenue through food sales and advertising opportunities.

As this technology grows more popular, more businesses are emerging with rentable charging kiosks and other event charging stations. When choosing a company to work with, be sure that the company has experience with stadiums so that they can meet your demand for the product. Those who only have phone charging stations for businesses might not be able to meet that same demand.