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What we do

We believe that in todays digital landscape people should always be enabled by their devices. ChargeFUZE lets people stay connected in an online world, on the go, and keep doing what they love. No more low battery anxiety.

We offer charging-as-a-service: customers can use the chargeFUZE app to rent portable phone chargers from ChargeFUZE charging stations, and charge up on the go.

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How we do it

Customers can locate our charging stations in-person or through our mobile app. To rent a charger, simply download the app and scan the QR code on the ChargeFUZE charging station to release portable charger.

Where we are

ChargeFUZE provides customers with an ecosystem of portable chargers that they can access in both small retailers like bars and coffee shops, and high traffic private or public locations where visitors spend long durations of time and have no ability or access to charge their cell phones. From all, to sport stadiums, conventions centers, campuses, and more, ChargeFUZE supports venues of all sizes.

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