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One of the main goals for restaurants is great customer service; not only does it mean the guest has a positive experience, but it also increases the chances of that guest returning. There are many different ways a restaurant can offer great customer service, but when their customer’s phone is dying, how can a restaurant help?

Charging Kiosks for Restaurants

Rentable charging kiosks are mobile charge stations that can hold multiple devices to charge. Additionally, there are options that provide portable charging units for guests to use at their tables. For restaurants, this is a convenient opportunity for restaurants to keep their guests happy and their phones charged.

restaurant cell phone charging station

Charging kiosks for businesses are growing in popularity as establishments recognize the value phone kiosks can bring. 

What to Consider

Charging kiosks work well in all types of restaurants, but when choosing a phone charging kiosk, there are a few factors your restaurant needs to keep in mind.


Mobile charging stations provide a multitude of benefits for restaurants, such as increased foot traffic, improved guest experience, and an increase in revenue.

Foot Traffic

Having a mobile charging station in your restaurant can help increase foot traffic. You can have a sign on your windows advertising the mobile charging station, which tells people outside of the restaurant that they can charge their phones. This can help bring in customers that might have otherwise gone elsewhere.

It’s an ideal way to attract people running out of battery life, and not only does it give them the opportunity to charge their phone but to eat great food as well.

restaurant cell phone charging station

Guest Experience

Mobile charging stations can vastly improve the guest experience within your restaurant. If you’re like most people, when you’re served a delicious-looking plate of food, one of your first instincts is to snap a photo of it. Sometimes guests post the photo right away to their social media, and others wait to gush about the experience. It’s not only a way for your guests to connect with their family and friends and share their great experiences, but it also serves as a form of advertisement for your restaurant.

When a guest’s phone is dying, they’re less likely to be on their phones snapping those photos and instead will be trying to conserve battery. Having a rentable mobile charging kiosk within your restaurant will not only improve their experience but can also keep them coming back. And word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertisement.

Increased Revenue

The lower a guest’s battery is, the less time they are likely to spend within your restaurant. No matter the time of day, our phones are important to us; they’re how we stay in contact with the ones we care about. When our phones are dying, the first thing we want to do is charge them. When restaurants don’t have this option, the guest is more likely to rush through their meal. Not only does this decrease their dwell time, but it lessens the likelihood of them purchasing extra drinks and appetizers.

Phone charging stations for businesses give guests the option to charge their phone, and they are more likely to linger longer within a restaurant as they wait for the charge. This increases the chances of them purchasing appetizers and drinks, which in turn increases revenue for your restaurant.

restaurant cell phone charging station

Other Benefits to a Restaurant

Besides increasing revenue and improving the guest experience, having a mobile charging kiosk within a restaurant can have other benefits.

Having a cell phone charger kiosk is a way to add value to your guests’ experience. Investing money and this newer technology is a great way for restaurants to boost business.

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