Mobile Charging Solutions For Festivals

September 14, 2022

Picture this; you’re doing your shopping in a retail store. You feel a buzz in your pocket, and when you glance at it, not only do you see you have a new text message, but you also notice your phone is about to die. But you’re in the middle of shopping and far away from an outlet; what do you do? 

In this kind of situation, most customers would hurry to finish their shopping and leave. This decreases the amount of time they would have normally spent in your store and products they might have otherwise purchased if they had more time.

One way to fix this problem is to invest in a charging station kiosk, as it has multiple benefits for your location and your clientele.

Boost Sales

To increase sales and foot traffic in your store, one way to do so is to have a phone charging station kiosk in your location. You can even have a sign on your door or window advertising the presence of a charging kiosk.

This encourages customers to come in who otherwise wouldn’t have entered the store, and those who do so tend to browse while waiting for their phones to charge. This increases the possibility of the customer making a purchase, which increases your store sales. And customers who your store already had are likely to remain in the store longer to charge their phones.

Improve Satisfaction

Phones are essential for many different things, which is why people feel a sort of sense of dread when their phone is dying. Especially at an event like a festival, where there is so much to experience and share.

Fortunately, there are charging kiosks for festivals, and their presence is sure to improve the experience of those around them.

Document Experience

When at a festival, festival goers like to document their experiences. If there’s music, they want to record it. The average festival attendee takes many pictures so that they’ll remember the experience. However, this experience can be quickly soured by a dying cell phone. At most festivals and events, there aren’t many outlets to be found, which will ultimately result in less cell phone usage and the attendee’s experience spoiled.

The presence of a charging kiosk is going to make all the difference. Not only are charging station kiosks convenient for those attending the festival or event, but they are also a surefire way to make the attendees happy. Now they can continue to document their experience, and the chances of them attending again are higher.

Share Experience

Not only do attendees want to document their experience, but they also want to share their experience, sometimes live. It’s for their friends and their family to see, and many individuals who attend festivals and events update their status on social media regularly. Something they can’t do with a dead cell phone.

Again, having a cell phone charger kiosk at a festival or event is one way to improve the attendees’ experience and prevent a dying cell phone.

Organize and Communicate

Not many people attend festivals and events alone; they’re usually with a partner or a group of friends. Sometimes they do things together; sometimes, they separate. It’s important for them to remain in contact so that they can organize and communicate their next move. When their cell phones are running out of battery, they’ll be focused less on enjoying the festival and more on finding friends.

This is why events should have charging stations so that attendees can both enjoy themselves and keep track of where their friends are. Charging kiosks help prevent the stress that dying cell phones can cause.


Finding transportation to and from an event is very important. Not only do festivals want their attendees to enjoy themselves, but they also want them to get to their destinations safely. After spending a long day at an event or festival, the chances of a cell phone dying or being close to dead are very high, which makes it more difficult to find a ride.

When a festival has a phone charging station, it gives attendees the opportunity to ensure their phone is charged so they won’t have difficulty leaving.

Dwell Time

One way to increase the dwell time of your clientele, whether it be for a store or an event, is to invest in a phone charging station kiosk. Dwell time refers to the amount of time customers and patrons spend in your space; for a store, the longer an individual spends in the store, the more items they are likely to purchase.

For an event or a festival, the increased dwell time of patrons means that they’ll either purchase more from any booths that may be nearby or enjoy themselves more. Everyone relies on a phone now, and when their phones die, patrons are more likely to leave. By having a portable charger station in your area, you can increase the dwell time of potential customers.

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